warm up

my new communal singing piece!

The music is a rising series of 7 improvised, wordless melodies. Here's a video of the fourth warm up from a recent performance:


tent of meeting

an experiment in loving action for solo piano

The music is inspired by the story in Exodus of the Israelite God inhabiting the rooms of the tabernacle in the form of a cloud and, as such, features a succession of room-like musical structures that are filled with freely improvised clouds of sound. In preparation to play this piece, I spent a year carefully observing clouds and portraying their textures and rates of change in real time at the piano. Some of the clouds are dense and immersive, others are spare with stretches of silence. I drew from the extreme textures of musicians like Morton Feldman and Rhys Chatham, as well as my own experience playing gospel music for worship services every Sunday. The intent of the piece is to create abstract fields of sound in which love can be palpably felt both in the dense vibrations, and in the silences.