"An architect of sound, carefully creating his songs from a vast warehouse of melodic material... [The] songs create a three-dimensional audio space for the listener, with rich, churning melodies below and spare, precise details above, alongside lyrics with heavily visual imagery... The result is a diverse output, including everything from simmering ballads to trotting folk tunes to layered pop songs. What is common throughout, however, is Wettstein’s ability to grab the listener’s attention with details."

--Jackie Strawbridge, Queens Tribune (read the whole article here)

"Kris Wettstein brought minimalist music -- a genre that doesn't have the flashiness and catchy tunes of other types of music -- to the stage... As the concert came to a close, audience members said Wettstein left a poignant mark... [One] described Wettstein's music as 'authentic,' explaining that 'he connects with people. He is very vulnerable and honest.'"

--Andrew Benjamin, Queens Chronicle (read the whole article here)

"Kris Wettstein writes stunningly beautiful, spacious, at times Noguchi-inspired songs. We will hopefully share a night with them again sometime soon."

Greta Gertler Gold (Universal Thump)

Featured artist in Mission to Ditmars (read the whole article here)

"The songwriting project of Kris Wettstein, A Microscope's new album For Nothing Holds You In interprets the experiences of Wettstein's move from San Antonio to Queens. Against the setting of traffic and busy borough life, the album creates a microscopic picture of small sounds and minute changes."

San Antonio Current (Featured Concert listing)